January 14 2020 horoscope 2020

January 2020

March in Sagittarius, strengthens this idea but watch out for the rush. Apart from this possibility, your chances of encounters remain low with an extra risk of illusion if there was an encounter. A Gemini warned is worth two! It is undeniable, your mind can not control everything, understand everything. So much the better, you open yourself to the impermanence of life, to its cycles.

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For most of the celebrations, it is not declared as a national or a public holiday but a local holiday for the state. Certain festivals are known by different names in different states but the motive remains the same. Telugu Calendar offers information about prominent festivals such as Ugadi, Makar Sankranti etc. The first day is regarded as Bhogi, the second day is celebrated as the main day of Makar Sankranti, the third day is observed as Kanuma and fourth is called Mukkanuma.

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People living abroad visit their motherland to enjoy the sense of festivities. These festivals celebrate and establish the motto of Good taking over Evil. The celebrations start with decorating houses colonies, distributing Prashad, organizing fairs to jazz up the celebration, preparing bonfires, dancing, kite flying, making delicious foods and so on.

Overall, the festivity is all about sharing joy and happiness with loved ones. This year, the festive season will kick off from January 14 to January 17 in order to welcome Uttarayana, which represents the movement of Sun moves towards North. Telugu festivals are also associated with harvesting, and are observed to show gratitude towards God, Mother Nature, and Cattle.

Talking about the prominent event celebrated every year is called Telugu New Year. This is also known as Ugadi as per the local language and is celebrated on April 6, People clean their house, workplace etc. Moreover, colorful Rangoli is also made to add to the festive mood. People of the Pig sign live with philosophy. They like simple things. Very skilful with their hands, they choose, often, a manual craft that will require rigor and meticulousness. Gentle and helpful, they happen, alas, to know some betrayals in their existence. But as justice is needed for all things, people of the Pig sign often have an insolent chance.

The Pig people were born in , , , , , , , Difficult to choose, among all the planets that will help you this year, the one that will be the most beneficial, the most advantageous. Will it be Tu Vi, which will bring you luck, success and joie de vivre? Long Duc, which will allow you to assert yourself with originality and authenticity?

Thien Tho, which will increase your intuition, your creativity and your desire to make you useful?

Malayalam Panchang • Monday, January 13, 2020

Or Pha Quan, who will make you rock solid and endow you with an iron will? Or Long Tri, who will push you to evolve and take your destiny firmly in hand? Whatever the answer, you can in any case prepare you to live a very satisfying year! You who are ambitious, who like to climb the hierarchy and build up strong reserves in your bank account, rejoice: Heaven will help you achieve your goals.

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Even if your emotional life is likely to benefit from the general improvement, it is above all on the professional and financial plans that will play for you pure luck. In your work, you will benefit from the protection of the star Ta Phu in the area of your theme related to professional life. This is a rare and very promising position. This means that luck will be with you for several months.

Whatever your situation, it will be improved. Your intuition will be your best guide during this chinese year Feel free to trust her and trust yourself.

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You will see a noticeable improvement in your situation. If you get upset, you will live badly this year somewhat destabilized. So, let yourself go, trust in life, without thinking about what will be said or imaginary bad surprises. So, go ahead, without useless and bulky states of mind!

Beware especially of the feeling of futility and the tendency to indifference. Very rewarding and constructive year Your main asset will be the ability to find a good balance between action and reflection. Hence your feeling of fullness and serenity.