Combust saturn vedic astrology

If this planet is placed beneficially in a kundli, then the respective native must wear Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone when Saturn turns combust. Carrying out these remedies can help pacify the negative effects and gain favourable outcomes. Remember Me. Enter City. Saturn Combust Start Time :.

Saturn Combust in But in my experience, it never happens that a planet completely loses its significance. Even if it is at the same degree as Sun, it will still give results, howsoever little, at least of things which it is karaka of. So, combustion may reduce the result of planet thus combusted but it will never get wiped out. With age, every planet gets strength and as such, combust planets may show up results in later half of life. Retrograde Planet - Retrograde planet is the one which is closest to Earth at the time of birth of person.

Always understand a planet as a person. So, a planet close to Earth is like a person standing right in front of you. What will it do? You will certainly get impacted by the presence of person as he is right in front of your nose. Likewise, intensity increases when a planet is retrograde in chart. Of course, it also makes us confused about things related to the planet or makes us re-think or re-do things related with that planet but it is also sure that retrograde planet under its dasha will give its intensified results.

Let's break it in 2 parts -.

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Popular view is that all good results of exalted planet will get burnt off and it will be like a dead duck during its dasha. I humbly decline to accept this interpretation. If it is gentle planet like Moon and Venus then I will say that combustion can have serious impact on those planets. Mercury never gets combust as it is always the nearest planet to Sun, so it is used to the heat of Sun.

What is Combustion in Vedic Astrology?

Saturn coming close to Sun is always a stressful conjunction. It doesn't matter if Saturn is getting combust or not. Saturn-Sun together is enough to create stress in the house no matter how far they are by degrees. This is how much they love each other :. But when these combust planets are also exalted then in my view, the exalted planet will give its results and will have an upper hand over combustion during its dasha.

As I said, I have Mars exalted with Sun within 5 degrees. Well here I am, starting my own work after quitting a set job in corporate world. Doesn't look like so, Right? And I am not even under Mars Dasha. So, this is what I am trying to say. An exalted planet will always give its good results, no matter it is combust or not.


It will surely give results in its dasha. Here, we have to remember that if planet is in Upachaya Houses, then results may be delayed but will never be denied.

Combust Planets In Astrology (Lesson with animation)

Even gentle planets like Venus and Moon will give their good results during their dasha. So again, everything is in addition.

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Sun may burn off results to a little extent or up to certain time but during planets dasha or after its maturity age, it will give results of exalted planet. Again, most popular view and I was surprised to know this is that Exalted Planet's exaltation will be cancelled and it will become like a debilitated planet. Now, please apply some common sense. A planet is retrograde when it is closest to Earth.


It means that its energy is reaching to Earth more intensely. So, if that planet is exalted, then it is more intensely exalted. Again, nothing cancels anything. There is no way an exalted planet can lose its exaltation just because it is retrograde. Everything is in addition. So the real impact would be that planet will remain exalted but there will be some confusion regarding things that planet is karaka of.

Again, best example is through experience.

Combust Saturn - Part I

I am under Jupiter MD. My life has certainly improved from the day Jupiter MD started but where I found confusion because Jupiter being retrograde is in my belief system. I tried my best to read different Religions, Philosophies and Beliefs in last years to conclude like a fool as to which Religion is best, until I read Osho Rajneesh and realized that no religion can be perfect as all are made by humans and humans can't make anything perfect. So, exalted Jupiter raised my life standard but retrograde Jupiter gave the confusion regarding the things Jupiter is karaka of.

Likewise, any planet that is exalted will give good results in its dasha plus it will cause confusion regarding things it is karaka of. Things are never black or white.

Things are always grey. Hope this helps. Please post your comments or queries, if any.

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