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Good Year—Discovered the art of vulcanising rubber. Herschel, William—Discovered the Planet—Uranus. Hippalus—Founder of scientific astronomy. Hoffmann—Discovered the first aniline dye. Kelvin, Lord—Dynamical theory of heat. Khorana, Dr Hargobind—Deciphering the genetic code. Kodak—Film and photographic goods.

Louis Braille—Perfected his system of reading and writing for the blind. Maxwell—Electro-magnetic Theory of Light. Meghnad Saha—Effect of pressure on Radiation through bodies. Morse—Morse system of electric telegraphy. Newton—Laws of gravitation; Law of Motion. Researches in wireless communications. Oppenheimer—Researches in atomic theory. Otto Hahn—Discovery of uranium fission. Pavlov—Theory of Conditioned Reflex.

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Pitman—Founded the Pitman system of phonographic shorthand. Plimsoll—Introduced a line of demarcation on the ships beyond which the ships cannot be loaded. Ramanathan—Molecular scattering of light in fluids. Ramanujam—A great Indian mathematician. Regnault—Experiments in regard to the physical properties of bodies and their relation to heat. Rutherford—Atomic Research; succeeded in splitting the atom for the first time in Stephenson—British engineer and pioneer in Railways.

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He was the first to put a locomotive on the line that was able to draw a train of 31 carriages. Travers—Discovery of Neon gas Working with Ramsay. Urey—Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen. Volta—Current electricity and electric battery. Diesel—Internal Combustion engine Diesel engine. Edison—First electric bulb and gramophone. James Watt—Steam engine patented in Mercator—Celestial and a terrestrial globe.

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Montgolfier—Balloon Pascal—Calculating Machine. Puckle, James—Machine gun Shockley—Transistor. Davy—Isolation of metals by electricity; studied properties of chlorine. Domagk—Sulpha drugs as bactericides. Finsen—Discovered curative effect of ultra violet rays; photography. A Britain Switzerland Britain U.

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A Germany Britain U. A Britain Switzerland U. A Finlay and Others U. A Edward Calvin-Kendall U.

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A Gardon, et al. A Jonas Salk U. A Albert Sabin U. A Minot and Murphy U. A Doisy Dam U. He won the Nobel Prize for Physics in for an important breakthrough he made in elementary physics in when he discovered a new resonance particle—a discovery that shattered the then prevailing notions as to how matter was built. Anfinsen, Dr Christian B. He is also credited with the invention of Archimedean Screw, a cylindrical device for raising water. The two men are known for their pioneering contributions to general economic equilibrium and welfare theories.

Among his important contributions are the recognition of the importance of the mov ement of the earth round the sun, determination of the physical parameters of various celestial bodies, such as diameter of the earth and the moon. South African surgeon who shot into world news in December when he completed the first heart transplant operation on Louis Washkansky.

American scientist awarded Nobel Prize for medicine in for his work concerning the actual basis of heredity—the way in which characteristics are transmitted from one generation to another. He shared Nobel Prize for Physics with the Curies in He invented the process for the manufacture of steel known after his name. He published important papers on Cosmic Rays and Quantum Theory. He had many significant researches in structure of atom and contributed largely to the setting up of atomic reactors at Trombay Mumbai. He has published more than research papers and several books.

He is an old-time associate of Sir C. He wrote Sidhanta-Siromani in which consisted of two mathematical and two astronomical parts. Bhaskara anticipated the modern theory on the convention of signs minus by minus makes plus, minus by plus makes minus. Bhatnagar, Dr Shanti Swarup: A chain of National Laboratories has been established in the country due to his able organisation and unbounded energy. He was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics in He greatly extended the theory of atomic structure of devising an atomic model in and evolving theory of nuclear structure; assisted America in atom bomb research.

American agricultural scientist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in He was one of those who laid the groundwork of the Green Revolution. Inventor of crescograph which is used to magnify movements made by plants.

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Professor of physics, Calcutta University; nominated member to the Council of States. Awarded Padma Vibhushan in He died on February 4, Author of the book: He discovered the particle in an atomic nucleus which became known as the neutron, because it has no electric charge. He was a scientist of Indian origin settled in the U. He was one of the most outstanding astrophysicist of the world.

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His theory of stellar evolution—the birth and death of stars—is more than 30 years old. Global recognition and awards poured in, and the Nobel Prize tops a remarkable career spanning almost half a century. His writings are invaluable in the study of Hindu medicine.

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Charles, Jacques Alexander Cesar: He was the first to make a balloon ascension with hydrogen. He is known for his work on the effect of temperature on the volume of gases. He is known for his suggestion of the concept of Geostationary Orbit. His theoretical work prepared the way for wireless telegraphy and telephony. His principal works include: His field of research relates to causes and treatment of cancer. He is an Australian living in England. He was founder of the Atomic Theory and law of Multiple Proportions. First to apply electric current for the isolation of metals.